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Serena graduated in Biotechnology (University of Bologna) and in Neuroscience (University of Trieste).


During 2017 she did an internship at Cambridge Consciousness & Cognition Lab (University of Cambridge, UK), an interdisciplinary research group with whom she studied the neural correlates of time perception by means of EEG signal analysis (spectral analysis and ERPs). This project developed into her thesis research work "Neural correlates of Time Perception: processing of auditory stimuli duration while falling asleep"

During 2021 Serena collaborated with BioingTS Lab (Department of Engineering and Archirtecture, University of Trieste) and Geriatric Unit of Maggiore Hospital (Trieste) on a project on parkinsonian handwriting signal analysis. 


In november 2021 she won a PhD scholarship at the Department of Engineering and Archirtecture, University of Trieste thanks to which she continues to collaborate with BioingTS Lab under the supervision of Professor Agostino Accardo. Currently, her research focuses on:

- kinematic and spectal analysis of handwriting in patients presenting with movement disorders and Mild Cognitive Impairment and in normal ageing by using digitizing tablet (in collaboration with Geriatric Unit of Maggiore Hospital and Neurological Unit of Cattinara University Hospital, Trieste)

- biomechanical analysis of human movements in patients with mobility problems by using inertial sensors (in collaboration with CdS in Fisioterapia, University of Trieste)