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Katerina Iscra received her B.Sc. degree in Information Technology Engineering and M.Sc. degree in Clinical Engineering (Biomedical curriculum) from the University of Trieste.


During 2019 she did an internship at Neurological Unit in Cattinara University Hospital (Department of Medicine, Surgery and Health Sciences, University of Trieste) and at BioingTS Lab (Department of Engineering and Architecture, University of Trieste). For her project Katerina studied High Density EEG signal alterations in Mild Cognitive Impairment subjects. This experience in a interdisciplinary environment developed into Katerina's thesis work " Alterazione del segnale EEG nella fase iniziale del decadimento cognitivo nella malattia di Alzheimer"


From April 2020 to April 2021, Katerina got a reserach grant collaborating with NEUROFARBA (University of Florence) and  AIRAlzh Onlus during which she studied neurophysiological biomarkers of Mild Cognitive Impairment using perfusional MRI Arterial Spin Labeling neuroimaging and High Density EEG signal 


During summer 2021 Katerina took part in the research project HeartBitAction at University of Trieste dealing with the development of a decision support system in early diagnosis of cardiac ethiologies during emergency.


She is currently a first year PhD student at BioingTS Lab and she is working on Neural and Cardiac Signal Processing and Analysis under the supervision of Professor Agostino Accardo.